• eLegal Case Pro

    eLegal Case PRO is a filing system that allows district courts, prosecutors and defense attorneys to file and access confidential court documents from the convenience of your own office.

  • Secure Case Document Sharing Software

    eLegal Case PRO will save you from making so many trips to the courthouse. You can retrieve case documents from your office computer or your laptop.

  • eLegal Case Pro

    eLegal Case PRO requires a secure user name and password to gain access to restricted files. This protects files from unauthorized personnel.

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About Commonwealth Systems

Commonwealth Systems, LLC was founded by Donald Purdie and Barry Tate in 2008. We are a local software development firm specializing in court management products. Based in Wise County, Virginia, Commonwealth Systems is active in the local legal system. It is our goal to lead local court systems and legal agencies towards being completely paperless.