• eLegal Case Pro

    eLegal Case PRO is a filing system that allows district courts, prosecutors and defense attorneys to file and access confidential court documents from the convenience of your own office.

  • Secure Case Document Sharing Software

    eLegal Case PRO will save you from making so many trips to the courthouse. You can retrieve case documents from your office computer or your laptop.

  • eLegal Case Pro

    eLegal Case PRO requires a secure user name and password to gain access to restricted files. This protects files from unauthorized personnel.

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Commonwealth Systems will provide on-site training for you and your staff in the implementation and use of eLegal Case Pro. Our knowledgeable intsructors will be able to answer any question you may have about the system and how it works.

Please Contact Us for training information.



Let our specialized consultants help improve the efficiency of your office. No matter the size, Commonwealth Systems can reduce waste and improve customer interaction through the implementation of advanced IT solutions.



Commonwealth Systems is constantly working to improve eLegal Case Pro and its supporting systems through innovation of new technologies and the addition of new State and County agencies. We welcome any feedback and suggestions on ways we can improve our services. Please do not hesitate to tell us how we are doing!