• eLegal Case Pro

    eLegal Case PRO is a filing system that allows district courts, prosecutors and defense attorneys to file and access confidential court documents from the convenience of your own office.

  • Secure Case Document Sharing Software

    eLegal Case PRO will save you from making so many trips to the courthouse. You can retrieve case documents from your office computer or your laptop.

  • eLegal Case Pro

    eLegal Case PRO requires a secure user name and password to gain access to restricted files. This protects files from unauthorized personnel.

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Products For Clerks of Court

Clerks of Court face a unique challenge in the legal community. They must provide quick access to thousands of documents with little to no warning of when a request will be made. Often, they are called upon to provide several copies to separate parties simultaneously. Many court systems have vast archives of cases and files that take up limited available space and are difficult to manage. With new cases and documents being added daily, the task of providing basic administrative services becomesĀ a delicate balancing act.

eLegal Case Pro is a specialized software solution designed to increase the efficiency of a court system's administrative services. Using a server based in the courthouse, new cases are added to the database as they are created. Then the authorized users can access them directly from a network. This eliminates the need to create paper copies for multiple parties.

eLegal Case Pro can also handle legacy cases and files. Most states require that all papers and files associated with a case must have a copy stored by the court for any future necessity. All of the old files and cases currently sitting in storage areas can be scanned and digital copies made available to authorized users. This frees up time that the staff would have had to spend fulfilling requests.